Can't Lose That Stubborn Fat? Having Trouble Sleeping? Struggling With Low Energy?

What if everything you've been told about dieting and nutrition is wrong?

Both men and women alike assume that healthy eating should be a chore, a constant struggle to lose weight, overcome metabolic issues, and balance their hormones. From birth into adulthood, we’re fed a stream of lies about nutrition: from the mass media, the government, & pharmaceutical industry propaganda. You believe these lies, and they keep you struggling on the hamster wheel of fad diets and medications.

But this doesn’t need to be your fate.

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Chris Huddleston

Since starting Thermo, acid reflux has disappeared.

"I wanted to say a big thank you to Christopher Walker and his team. I’m not 100% sure what my weight was when I started (between 195 and 200), but I hit 180 this week, which isa weight I’ve not seen in 11 or 12 years. I’ve also lost 4 inches off my waist.And, I struggled with acid reflux for years and years, and I’ve been taking a prescription drug for that every other day for about a year.Since starting Thermo, acid reflux has disappeared, and I don’t remember the last time I took a pharmaceutical."

Emily Saviano

This "diet" has been liberating!

"The biggest results for me have been less bloating and an overall healthier relationship with food! I used to really limit my sugar and carb intake, rarely even eating fruit - so this "diet" has been liberating! I joined this for health, not necessarily to lose weight so I've just been maintaining, but it has helped me lose inches already from just bloat. Love it!"

Rachel S.

Thermo is basically my dream diet.

"I remember feeling so bloated all the time, I had no energy, I was always exhausted, and I just couldn't understand why I was having all those feelings because I was working out 4-5 times per week, and I had just run my second marathon. Even after all that training I had only ever lost like 3-5 pounds... I was eating what I thought at the time was very "healthy" but I couldn't ever drop the weight. So my husband told me about Chris and the Thermo Lifestyle, and I thought "well, what's worst that could possibly happen?"

Josh Webb

First time in my life now I have a killer six pack.

"Thermo seems like a better all around balanced diet. I've done keto and bulletproof diets in the past. They did work to some degree but also had drawbacks. I was strict keto for a year and never got down low enough body fat to have clear abs. First time in my life now I have a killer six pack and that's with getting 200g+ carbs a day with Thermo."

Zach S.

I lost 50 pounds and gained muscle.

"I lost 50 pounds and gained muscle while following the philosophies in The Thermo Diet.I was surprised at how steady fat loss was during the whole process because usually, I plateau at some point.Making sure my hormones were balanced and removing all micronutrient deficiencies definitely played a role in keeping my metabolism high."

Hayley Jacques

Thermo has completely changed my life.

"I've dealt with stomach issues and indigestion problems for years and Thermo has completely changed my life. Love the UMZU products, love this lifestyle, love Christopher Walker."

About The Author

Meet Christopher Walker

Christopher is the CEO & Co-founder of UMZU. He is the first person to graduate from Duke University's neuroscience program in just 3 years.

Studying a range of topics from endocrinology, to behavioral economics, learning & memory, neurobiology, & AI, Christopher's obsession with human nature and biology helped him to heal his own brain tumor naturally without drugs or surgery.

Disgusted with his negative experiences with the medical establishment, Christopher has spent the past decade creating natural health products and teaching millions of men & women around the world how to use nutrition, strategic supplementation, and physical training to heal their nagging health issues naturally.

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