The Thermo Diet Podcast Episode 11 - How To Stay Thermo For Thanksgiving

by Christopher Walker on Nov 24, 2019

The Thermo Diet Podcast Episode 11 - How To Stay Thermo For Thanksgiving

In this episode of The Thermo Diet Podcast Christopher Walker and Jayton sit down and talk about some of the ways they are able to stay Thermo around the holidays. Learn some of their tips on the best ways to do just that! 

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Full Transcript:

All right. Welcome back to the Thermo podcast, everyone. I'm your host Christopher Walker. My cohost, Jay 'Rock' Miller.
How's it going?
Damn, I should've thought of a different name. Oh...
We've got a whole list, though, right here.
Turkey Miller.
Turkey Miller?
Yeah. Turkey Miller today, because we're talking about Thanksgiving. Thermo Thanksgiving. We had this good idea submitted by the one and only Zack Seagal, and it seems appropriate because this is Thanksgiving time, so a lot of people are probably wondering about how to keep their Thanksgiving Thermo, and it's actually relatively easy. Just like any other type of Thermo eating, you end up having better-tasting meals and enjoying it more, and it's healthier. So, that's what we're going to be talking about today.
And then, maybe even also some tips about how you can have your family do a Thermo Thanksgiving without... Well, we all know Thanksgiving dinner's sometimes, for most people, can be a very interesting time, especially if you have extended family at it. A lot of times, even the nuclear family, like the core group, can be very interesting, but it gets especially interesting with, the peanut gallery, when you have your aunts and uncles and grandmas and whatever, because everyone's got an opinion about everything, so this should be fun. We'll talk about all these things, and hopefully we cover some helpful ideas for you guys to keep your Thanksgiving Thermo.
So you said that y'all switched over to venison during Thanksgiving, didn't y'all?
Yeah. We were talking about this yesterday, about Thanksgiving, and probably, I don't know, three or four years ago I was just kind of... I got to this point, I'm like, "I hate Turkey. Why are we eating Turkey? This stuff sucks."
It's kind of like chicken.
Like, turkey's okay, especially if you get a good Turkey, and turkey's still Thermo, but it's not preferable. And I'm just saying, in general, on the taste, like most people, I think I've had Turkey once where I really actually enjoyed eating it. But most of the time when you cook Turkey, people just buy a Turkey and stick it in the oven and bake it, and it just tastes so dry. There's no fat or flavor to it whatsoever. It is high in tryptophan, which is not... You don't want to eat it a ton of tryptophan. It's just not an enjoyable thing to eat, and I was thinking like, "Well, this doesn't make any sense to me." A lot of people just stick to traditions blindly and, like, "We have to do it!"
I just brought up to my family, I'm like, "Why do we have to eat this Turkey? This stuff's nasty. Why don't we just eat something better?" And then, so my dad hunts deer, and so we're just like, "Well, let's just start eating venison instead." Wild shot deer tastes so much better. So now that's what we do.
And last year, he came out here to Colorado and did an elk hunt and got an elk, so we ate elk and venison. I could feel the elk testosterone surging through my veins. So yeah, it might just be as simple as that for most people. Like, if you want to keep your Thanksgiving Thermo, just basically be like, "Let's just do this." Because it was funny when I brought it up. Everyone else was kind of like, "Yeah, you're right. Turkey does not taste good. Why are we eating this?"
Yeah. Hmm. Interesting.
Yeah, what about you? What do you think about family Thanksgiving?
Usually I'll stay relatively Thermo till Thanksgiving dinner, and then just kind of relax and enjoy it with my family and don't really think about it, but I'd say this year I haven't really told my family about it yet, but-
What do they cook that wouldn't be Thermo?
So, for instance, they don't use a really good butter, so it's got a little bit of PUFAs in the mashed potatoes, or something like that. Or-
That's easy enough. Just be like, "Hey, mom, buy this butter."
Mm-hmm (affirmative). Which is easy, and she actually uses that now, so that should be good. One is my mom makes this coconut cream pie that's just absolutely delicious, and she's made a Thermo version of it, so that might be there, and I can go ham on that. But-
That sounds like something that could be Thermo.
Yeah, you can make a coconut cream pie.
And then maybe switching over the rolls to sourdough rolls or something like that. Yeah, I mean... Ooh, she makes these sausage balls that are really good too.
Damn. Nice.
Yeah. So-
Could also be made Thermo.
Mm-hmm (affirmative), yeah.
And the thing is, all these dishes, basically, if you made them Thermo they would taste better. So it's a good thing to point out. Just be like, "Hey can we just get a slightly better quality thing here... Whatever. It'll taste better." And then there'll be the famous sausage balls, that it's like, "Holy shit. How are they so good this year?"
Yeah, because, for example, I was getting that Wild Pastures delivery meat, and they have this breakfast sausage in there from free-roaming pigs or whatever. That stuff is so good. Like I can't actually get that that often because I'll eat the entire thing. And it's very dense, but it's so, so good. It's hard to explain how much better it is than regular Jimmy Dean sausage, or whatever people buy at the grocery store. So if you do find some good stuff, it's just magnitudes better. Yeah.
Yeah. We've killed like a few pigs every once in a while, and we'll have those butchered.
Oh yeah, you're in Texas. You have pigs like... 500-pound pigs roaming around.
Yeah. You got to watch out, they'll get you.
The javelinas.
Yeah. No, javelinas are actually hard to eat, because if you don't shoot them in the right spot, then they have these glands that kind of dispersed. [crosstalk 00:06:28] Yeah, it's kind of nasty, but if you can hit them in the right spot then you can make them taste pretty good.
So what's your favorite Thermo treat for Thanksgiving?
Hmm, let's see. Thermo treat. I don't really eat sweets much. I do like good cranberry sauce. Stick that on the venison, tastes fricking great. A little salt. Let me think. Oh, carrot ring is something that our sister makes and tastes really good, but she's making it Thermo now cause she's Thermo. So it's, basically, you grind up a bunch of carrots. The ingredients are really simple. It's carrots, brown sugar, butter, and I think some sort of flour, so you could pick coconut flour, or whatever. Ends up tasting money, this stuff's so good. You do it in this Bundt cake pan, and then, I think... Robert, those are the only ingredients, right? The carrot, something like that.
Yeah, it's super simple.
Yeah, super simple. Really delicious. It tastes like cake. It's like carrot cake. So that's a good one.
So you were saying that Robert usually eats just a pile of potatoes. Are these special potatoes?
Yeah, so Robert... For anyone listening in, Robert is my brother, and he's here in the office, too. He works here. But yeah, all he's ever eaten for Thanksgiving since the time he was born is a giant pile of mashed potatoes. Or two.
Always my way.
So it was easy to get Robert on board for the Thermo Thanksgiving and getting rid of turkey, because he never eats it anyway.
Yeah, I remember Robert would be like three years old, and just like, "I just want mashed potatoes." And just eat this huge pile that's the size of his body weight, yeah.
Yeah. So what would you say would be a strategic method to approach your family members to try and at least introduce the Thermo idea for Thanksgiving to them?
Yeah, there's probably... So let's do a couple different scenarios, because I can think of a few different scenarios that people run into, right? There's probably the first scenario that's easiest. If your family is already health-conscious and they're interested in quality of food and that sort of thing, then it's probably pretty simple. It's probably a matter of like, "Hey, let's focus this meal on..." You could even talk about Thermo and tell them about it, but, "Let's focus this meal on... Let's get some good meat. Let's get some good toppings, like whether it's a good cranberry sauce, or good sea salt or something, that sort of thing." I don't even know what else would people really stick on stuff. I'm a very Spartan eater though. I don't-
Yeah, I am, too.
But yeah, just focusing on quality of food in that conversation like, "Hey, I've been eating this way and I just feel great. Let's try to make our desserts and our main course in this fashion because it's actually going to taste better, and it's healthier for us." And that's probably just a pretty easy conversation, at least I would assume so. Because that's almost pretty much what we did in our family, like everyone's a pretty simple eater, into health in some respect. So it was a pretty easy conversation.
And then there's the other scenario where maybe your extended family's coming in town, and then you got your aunts and uncles, and then your grandparents, and in-laws, and whatever, where it might be way different. For that scenario, I would say if you're hosting it's a lot easier. If you're hosting, basically, you can just cook it however you want, and then they have to deal with it. And then, if you focus on Thermo stuff, it'll taste good, and they'll rave about it, and then you can be like, "This is all Thermo." But if you're going to someone else's house, that's where it gets interesting. Because that's probably the biggest challenge, I think, for most people, is during holidays with nutrition. You go to someone else's house, they spent all this time and energy and money cooking you all these dishes and all that stuff, and then you're sitting there, you're like, "I don't want to eat that. That looks nasty."
But in that scenario, I would probably stick to the 80/20 rule unless you are into offending people. Because people get very offended about food. Some people don't care.
I'd say you can also bring your own options, too, and provide that as well.
Yeah. I mean, offer to bring a dish. Be like, "Hey, yeah, let me cook up my famous whatever."
Yeah. Or, you can just bring some steaks, and then if people have a pile of steaks sitting there, versus a Turkey, I guarantee you that that pile of steaks is going to be gone by the time the dinner is over.
Yep. You could also make, Thermo meatballs or something, like get some grass fed beef, do a little coconut flour or something, and make meatballs fried up in some butter, yeah.
How would you say to some ways that you could get over the stigma of people thinking that you're almost judging them for trying to make a healthier option there?
Yeah. So you mean... Okay, so let's illustrate a scenario, so it's funnier. So-
Well you said the dinner that you had a while back, and that vegan guy was really offended by just the way that you were eating, just because you were around him, eating that way.
Yeah. In that case, then just fuck it. That's your problem, it's not mine, right? Especially... If it's a family member, though, it gets a little more interesting because you don't want to... Unless maybe it doesn't. Maybe just like you're still like, "Whatever, man, I'm doing this my way."
Another scenario that I'd say would be a little more sensitive, say if your grandma or your aunts or something are making a dish that been always the dish, and you just don't want to eat it. Maybe even in the 80/20 you're just like, "That's not even anywhere near what I want to do right now, because I know I'm going to feel bad after I eat it. I'm going to feel gross. I might pass out because of whatever, blood sugar issue, or whatever, and I just don't want to feel that way so I'm not going to eat it." You have a couple options, I guess.
First off, you just don't eat it and deal with it, and then if they ask you why you're not eating it, just be like, "I got pretty full eating whatever." Another thing is just stick it on your plate, and then pile up your plate with all the other stuff you want and just eat it last, but be full. So, that's another thing. Most people won't get offended like that. Maybe they will, but if they do get offended then I would just be like, "Just deal with it. Whatever." That's how I think about it, people getting offended about anything. It's their problem, it's not yours. What do you think?
I don't know. Those are actually some really good strategies. I'd say, if it's a scenario to where you really don't want to step on anybody's toes, then I would just get a really good lactase enzyme, a really good gluten digesting enzyme, like-
Vitamin E.
...Peptidase 5, vitamin E, maybe a little bit of activated charcoal. And then take some Sensolin to make sure that your blood sugar stays stabilized, and I think you'll be golden. I really don't think that it'll have that much effect. So...
Yeah, that's another way to think about it.
I was also thinking, if you brought your own food, say steaks for example, and you go out in the back and grill, like everybody likes to grill and have a good time, you can sit back there and have a drink and just kind of relax with everybody, so I think that's a good option, honestly.
Yeah, if you're grilling steaks, it'll be popular at the dinner.
Yeah. And then there's plenty of Thermo options for drinks now. It's really easy, like White Claws. They're everywhere. Everywhere.
Yeah. I'd say White Claws are probably 80/20. Mainly based on also just the can.
That's what the activated charcoal is for, though. I'm going to get that.
Oh yeah. Okay.
So you've got a little damage control supplement solution.
Yeah, and it's not a huge deal. It's like, you can kind of pick your own adventure on this one, on holiday dinners. But a lot of people will see, especially if you've been Thermo for a while, that if you go and don't eat Thermo and you eat a PUFA-rich thing, or just something that's just not Thermo, that's kind of heavy and everything, you really just don't feel good. So go for it if you want, but it'll kind of reinforce the idea of like, "Okay, I like feeling good when I eat the right nutrition. It's probably not worth everything." And it might be a good experience just to reinforce like, "Okay, wow, yeah, these foods really don't make me feel great. I wake up in the morning, I feel bloated, and I just really don't want to do this." But for some people it might just be a necessary thing. You just go through the motions on that one.
So whenever you go off like that, how long does it usually take you to start feeling normal again, whenever you have a PUFA-rich meal or something?
About a day. Two days. Yeah.
Yeah, it usually takes me a couple of days to get back into the groove and really feeling optimal, I guess.
Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I don't really eat anything anymore with the PUFA stuff.
I usually don't either, but every once in a while I'll deviate, have me a little chocolate chip cookie every once in a while. Those are my weakness.
All right.
Yeah. If there's a chocolate chip cookie that's fresh-baked in front of my face, I got to have-
Well we got to make a Thermo chocolate chip cookie recipe.
Brenton made these brownies, Thermo brownies, and they were awesome.
Yeah, they were really good.
Yeah, brought them in the office. Chowing down.
Those will be available on the marketplace, too.
Yeah. That mix will be on the marketplace. And then this squirrel got into the office and ate them. He ate all the rest of the flour, the brownie mix flour, the damn squirrel. So we're going to... You know we have Francis the owl. He's our cartoon mascot. We were talking about making a cartoon eventually, just for fun, and having the squirrel be one of the characters. Call him Sweets the squirrel. Because this squirrel got in here and he ate the Barnana stuff, and he ate the brownie mix, and he was in here for like two minutes, this fatty, chowing down.
So we were talking about it being like kind of a SpongeBob and Patrick-type scenario, where Sweets the squirrel's eating stuff all the time. This squirrel was kind of fat, too, like he definitely enjoys his food.
Did you chase him out? Were you the one that chased him out?
Yeah, we saw him. It was just me and Darren were left here. It was a Friday afternoon, and Darren was like, "There's a squirrel in here!" We look out of the conference room, and this squirrel looks at us, and he sees us, and he's like, "Oh shit!" And so we'd come out the door, and he's just bolts out. Yeah. But someone had left the door open and then he came in and started eating everything. Anyway, I forgot what I was talking about.
So... Yeah, not really sure. So, wrapping it up, bringing everything together, what are the top three tips that we can do to stay Thermo for Thanksgiving? And then, the supplements that we can take in order to mitigate any damage that's done over Thanksgiving.
Okay. So top three things you can do. First off, figure out a way to make your family choose Thermo option foods. Which, just being straight up, every single thing on a normal Thanksgiving menu could be turned Thermo that I know of. Is there anything that... What else do you have at a family...
I don't know. So-
We could talk about a couple options, just dishes that people have.
Whenever I think of it, deviled eggs are a really good one.
That's easy.
Yeah. Mashed potatoes is good. Baked potatoes. Steak or turkey is really easy to make Thermo, especially if you smoke the turkey. Oh man, smoked turkey is pretty good. I like smoked turkey, yeah. The baked Turkey is eh, but... Or switching it over to steak, we usually have sausage balls, which are really easy to make Thermo. You can get a good cheese, a good pork, and then-
Britton just brought up the big one we're missing. Sweet potatoes.
Ooh, yeah.
So a lot of people do sweet potato dishes.
Yeah, with the marshmallows on top, too. That's easy to make Thermo.
Yeah, you can easily make sweet potato dishes Thermo. Or yams, or whatever people call them. I think they're all kind of the same thing, but they're slightly different. Yeah, baked sweet potatoes with butter, little brown sugar or something melted on it. Or, even better, some good maple syrup on the sweet potatoes. You could do a sweet potato casserole pretty easily using just those ingredients. Maple syrup, butter, and sweet potatoes, and it'll taste so good compared to...
A lot of people I know, they just add unnecessary stuff to these things, so if you were to just focus on simplifying the dish, it'll taste better, and it won't have all these other things in it. Like my sister made, for years, this apple crisp stuff, and it's really just baked apples and butter, sugar, and she would use oats. And I was like, "Let's just stop using the oats and then find another way to do this." And it's pretty easy. Baked apples is a great dish, too, like a dessert. You could make an apple pie-type thing.
Mm-hmm (affirmative), yeah. And then, breakfast you can make some Thermo pancakes. That's always a good go-to.
Or eggs.
I like eggs for breakfast. Eggs and fruit.
Honestly, if you use the Masa Harena flour and just use that as a base, and then put some fried eggs on top of that, it is really good. It's really good. Because you kind of have that cornbread taste, and then you have the eggs on top with the yolk, little bit of salt and pepper.
Cornbread is another one. I think sometimes people make cornbread for holiday meals. But you could make it with Masa, yeah.
Yeah, that'd be really good.
Anyway, so, yeah, top three, sorry. Diverged. I think the sweet potatoes was a big one. And squash. I mean, these are all easy to make. They're inherently Thermo. Just don't add non-Thermo stuff to it.
Apples, fruit, reductions, all that. Yeah, so basically, number one, just focus on simplicity, focus on quality, focus on Thermo options. What do you think number two is?
I'd say be bold. Don't be afraid to step on people's toes and just talk to them. People like to be talked to. Just talk to them and be like, "Hey, I feel amazing eating this way. I'd really enjoy it if you ate this way too, because you'd feel amazing, too."
Yeah. Well, I mean a lot of people that are listening to this podcast, especially people in the group, have had awesome results and transformation, and pretty impressive improvements in their health since going Thermo. So yeah, bring it up. Like, "Hey, I'm feeling great. I used to have this problem, now it's gone. I used to have this, now it's gone." And maybe someone in your family is like, "Oh, I'm dealing with that same thing. Let me try this."
Yeah. Now, every time I talk about the benefits that I've experienced with Thermo, people are all like, "Whoa." And then next thing I know, I turn around, and they're trying out some of the stuff that I'm doing. Especially my roommates. I got a lot of my roommates eating carrots now, and switching over their eggs, and I'm slowly growing on them. Slowly.
Yeah, maybe that's a good point. Just bring up like how good you're feeling, how the benefits... Like, what specific benefits you have. What specific things have improved, and that's a pretty easy was to bridge that gap and talk about it, because I guarantee you, other people in your family have similar issues.
And then you start talking about the food, like, "I can eat steak every day. I eat beef, potatoes, fruit." Then they'll be like, "Man, that really doesn't sound that bad."
Know what I'm thinking about right now? Like I want to do for this Thanksgiving, is go get some good sourdough, then make a little liver paté.
With some good preserves or jam. Which, we can get all this at the farmers market here. So I might just go load up at the farmer's market and grab that stuff. That'd be good for cocktail hour.
Or go up to Breadworks.
Yeah. Well, they sell... Breadworks goes to the farmers market too, so yeah, either one. Block that way, a block that way. But that'd be a good little hors d'oeuvre.
Yeah, that'd be a good project for somebody, too, over the Thanksgiving break, is to try and make some sourdough with their family. That'd be interesting. But, yeah, so that was number two. Number three?
Number three being the tricks of if you have an uncomfortable scenario where there's a traditional recipe that someone really takes a lot of pride in, but it's like definitely not Thermo. Just pop it on the plate, load up on other Thermo stuff, and then just eat it all first, and then say you're full.
Yeah. And then, as far as supplement goes, a good activated charcoal's always good. That's actually really good for the liver, too. If you're going to be drinking, we have Prevent and Restore that's extremely good for the liver. It's full of different B vitamins and minerals that are going to be flushed out whenever you're drinking, so that's really good. A good vitamin E supplement to mitigate PUFA oxidation that's going to happen whenever you're eating polyunsaturated fats. And then, if you don't tolerate dairy that well, or gluten, then getting a good gluten-digesting enzyme, and a good lactase enzyme, it's going to be [crosstalk 00:26:57].
Yeah. And then for blood sugar, Sensolin is great to take. If you took three Sensolin before the meal, half an hour or 20 minutes before the meal, you'll not only get full quicker, but-
Yeah, you get way quicker.
Yeah, it's crazy how it regulates appetite, but the blood sugar swings don't happen, which I know a lot of people just on holiday meals, they end up just going for it, and just binging out, eat a shitload of food. This might help, at the very least, regulate the blood sugar consequences of that. But Sensolin will also help your appetite. You'll just feel full.
I mean, don't have a scarcity mentality about the food, like it's still going to be there probably for weeks afterward. Obviously everyone makes so much food for these holidays. The leftovers will be around. You don't have to go and eat 10,000 calories.
Eat yourself into a coma.
Yeah. Which I know a lot of people do. I remember being a kid and it was just like this eating competition.
Yeah, it was a competition, yeah. Me and my cousin, we always do that. I'll look over at his plate and be like, "Just pile a little bit more on."
Yeah, which I used to enjoy, but I just don't really anymore, like I don't care. I don't like feeling nasty after the meal.
I don't like being miserable, because it sticks around, but-
Well, yeah, it's like 15 minutes of gorging, and then you're just tired, and brain fog, and-
Can't hardly move the rest of the day.
Yeah, laying on the couch all day.
Yeah. I feel kind of like a potbelly pig whenever I do that. Like I'm so big I can barely walk.
Yeah. It feels gross. That's actually become one of my least favorite feelings in general. Just overeating, I just can't do anymore.
Yeah, it's miserable. But Sensolin also helps with your digestion, too. The Berberine HCL's really good for digestion.
Yeah. And that's a good segue into the fact that Floracil is back in stock. So we have Floracil, so you can check out this sexy new label. We got sort of updating the branding on it, on everything, as we transitioned away from Truth Nutra toward UMZU as our brand. We've been updating the labels over the last year, and now Floracil's officially updated. If you're watching this on video, you can see it. It looks really great.
Floracil's our extra-strength probiotic. Living probiotic. It's got 50 billion CFUs of eight specific strains that are extremely helpful. And a lot of people, when they make a probiotic, they just white-label it. This is a completely custom formula that we formulated for specific reasons, one of which is including hormonal balance, which is kind of an under-the-radar thing with probiotics in general. Is that people don't realize the important interplay between your gut and your brain, and the fact that your brain is ultimately what's regulating your hormones through your hypothalamic-pituitary axis. And when your gut's off, when your gut bacteria are unhealthy, the effects are amplified through the hormones.
Yeah. And so my favorite strain of probiotic in Floracil 50 is actually the lactobacillus reuteri. And so what that does is it actually is a probiotic that produces an antimicrobial, so it's kind of like a weapon that it uses against the bad bacteria in the gut. And so this reuterin basically destroys the bad bacteria, has an affinity for it, and destroys it, and actually allows the good bacteria to flourish more evenly.
Yeah, and that's why when you hear... It's kind of an interesting thing, because none of us will ever really physically see all the bacteria inside of our gut, because you just can't see it. But it really is kind of this battle between the good and the bad bacteria, if you really want to simplify how this works. And there are compounds like that in certain strains, like in L. reuteri, reuterin, like you mentioned, that actively fight against the negative bacteria in the body. So you want to have a good ratio of the positive, protective, helpful bacteria versus the harmful bacteria in the body, and Floracil's just an awesome way to easily get that.
And beyond that, it obviously improves your digestion, also. It takes down bloating quite a bit. And one thing people notice... This is how you can tell it's really working on your system, is the first two weeks that people take Floracil, if you haven't taken a probiotic, or if you've taken a bad store-bought probiotic that's been dead, essentially, that the first couple of weeks of taking Floracil, your stomach might be a little bit upset. The Floracil strains are waging war on the other strains, essentially. So you might be going to the bathroom more often for that first couple of weeks, and I've heard this countless times over the last few years as we've had Floracil, of people in their testimonials saying this. First couple of weeks, it's a bit of a war in the gut. Once you go through that, the good bacteria have kind of taken over and purged out all that nastiness, and you start feeling awesome. And the energy goes up, brain fog goes away, hormones, it helps support hormonal balance, and your digestion in general is just better.
And if you really want to do a one-two punch, add the ACV prebiotics that we have, too, because those prebiotic fibers are going to feed the healthy bacteria and help them to thrive, and help to starve out the bad bacteria.
Yeah, my favorite strategy is using zuPOO and clean it out, and then use Floracil to replace it, and then ACV to feed the good bacteria in there.
Yeah, the zuPOO. So, that's a funny update. So the supplement formerly known as Digestive Refresh, that was the original name of it, we're now rebranding it to zuPOO for UMZU, zuPOO, and I think it's kind of a funny name, because that's really what it does. It actually just gets to work within the first 24 hours, and it cleans you out. Especially if you go for a full cycle of... There's 15 days' worth in there.
Most people don't make it that long. You don't really need to, I mean, there's a point where you're cleaned out, and you know it. But if you have a lot of excess waste in your system, which, researchers have found that people have average between five and 20 pounds of fecal matter stuck in the intestines, the average person, which is insane if you think about that. It's nasty. And there's actually been reports of... I found a report about a 40-pound colon that was removed from someone, and they have a picture of it and everything, and it's disgusting.
Oh my Gosh.
40 pounds of poop.
And you wonder why your farts smell so bad.
Yeah, you get those rank farts.
It's just sitting in there, rotting.
Yeah, so it is healthy to clean it out every now and then. Do a cycle of zuPOO digestive refresh.
Especially if you're eating vegetables, too. That's a big one.
Those nasty vegetables.
Yeah, they're just going to sit in there and ferment. Disgusting.
Okay, cool. So hopefully this episode helped you guys out with some tips, a little couple of ideas for navigating your Thanksgiving dinner, and I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving.
Subscribe to our podcast. We've got it in several different locations now all over the internet. We've got Spotify, we've got Google Play, or Google Podcasts, or whatever they call it now. Apple Podcasts. What else?
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Definitely, yeah.
Yeah, it's all over at thermodiet.com.
Yeah, and then if there's anything that you're ever questioning about, people love answering questions in the Facebook group. I had somebody message me last night, and they're forming study groups, and they're now trying to dive deeper into certain subjects-
Yeah, it's awesome. It's great.
...Which is really cool.
Yeah. So if you're not in the Facebook group yet, definitely get in there. Also, that's going to be where we take podcast ideas. So if you're listening to this right now and you have a specific question you want us to answer on the podcast, just join the Facebook group and drop a comment in there, or a post, and say, "Hey, for the podcast, can you guys talk about this?" And we'll read that, and we're always looking for better ideas to help serve you guys with the best information possible about Thermo. So thanks for listening, and we'll see on the next episode.

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