If you're interested in learn more about what the Thermo Diet itself is, we suggest starting with this post.

The Thermo Diet is a way of eating, and living, designed to heal the body by balancing your hormones and eliminating all nutrient deficiencies. 

It's super simple, extremely enjoyable, and after just a short period of time - what we call Thermo30, or 30 days eating Thermo - you begin to feel as though it is a complete lifestyle change. 

It's not a diet, it's just the way you eat. 

You feel so much energy, your body sheds unwanted fat easily, and your skin, hair, nails and other body parts radiate your restored inner health. 

Here on ThermoDiet.com, we're building a place for you to come and support your Thermo Journey. 

Whether it's joining the Thermo Diet course, using our cookbooks like the Thermo Chef cookbook, or taking advantage of the convenience and savings of the Thermo Market, where we bring all your favorite Thermo Approved foods right to your front door, this website is designed to make your life better. 

Created by Christopher Walker in 2017, the Thermo Diet philosophy is spreading rapidly, healing thousands of men and women around the world and showing them what is truly possible when they eat the way humans are meant to eat. 

Christopher's own health self-healing journey has become well-known, after healing his ailments with a brain tumor naturally. He got his degree in neuroscience from Duke University in just 3 years and has gone on to write several health books and become a leader in the natural health movement with his brand UMZU, which is also available for sale here on Thermo Market. 

We're glad you're here and we're stoked to bring you along for the eye-opening ride on your Thermo Journey!

Go Thermo!

The Thermo Diet team